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We’ve published summaries of our most popular blog posts before (see Top 19 of 2019 and Top 18 of 2018), but this time, we’re taking it a step further. We’re sharing the 20 most popular posts in 2020, regardless of the year the post was originally published. And some of these have been around a while! Based on total pageviews, here are the blogs that rose to the top of the popularity list, from most viewed to least viewed.

1. Creating Dynamic Forms with Django: Published May 7, 2018

2. Here's a Production-Ready Dockerfile for Your Python/Django App: Published March 14, 2017

3. CSS Tip: Fixed Headers and Section Anchors: Published October 23, 2017

4. A Guide To Creating An API Endpoint With Django Rest Framework: Published February 1, 2019

5. How to Use Django Bulk Inserts for Greater Efficiency: Published January 9, 2019

6. Filtering and Pagination with Django: Published October 18, 2018

7. Using Amazon S3 to Store your Django Site's Static and Media Files: Published November 10, 2014

8. How to Import Multiple Excel Sheets in Pandas: Published August 13, 2019

9. Django vs WordPress: How to Decide?: Published August 14, 2018

10. Custom JOINs with Django's query.join(): Published September 28, 2009

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11. Coding for Time Zones & Daylight Saving Time — Oh, the Horror: Published March 21, 2019. Pictured is the happy, not horrified, blog author.

12. Digging Into Django QuerySets: Published April 5, 2017

13. Advanced Django File Handling: Published August 28, 2017

14. How to Switch to a Custom Django User Model Mid-Project: Published April 26, 2019

15. How to Use the "docker" Docker Image to Run Your Own Docker daemon: Published February 25, 2020

16. Managing multiple Python projects: Virtual environments: Published November 3, 2016

17. Migrating to a Custom User Model in Django: Published August 7, 2013

18. Better Python Dependency Management with pip-tools: Published September 18, 2018

19. Subtests are the Best: Published May 29, 2017

20. Getting Started Scheduling Tasks with Celery: Published June 23, 2014

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