Our award-winning team builds apps the right way. We listen first, collaborate with each other in person, strive for simplicity, and build for the future.

Discovery workshop

Create an in-depth strategy for turning your idea into an easy-to-use application. Deliverables may include user stories, risk analysis, workflows, and wireframes.

Custom web app development

Our experts collaborate with the energy and creativity that comes from being in the same place at the same time. This enables us to engineer solutions that feel simple and can grow with you.

Past client work includes database-driven websites, dashboards, data visualizations, survey tools, mHealth apps, and more.

SMS application development

Our team can work with you in-country to design SMS applications, especially to support social good. We follow USAID’s Digital Principles as an open source and security-minded firm. Because we don’t promote particular products, we can give you objective guidance on how best to create and integrate services.

Best practices consulting and team augmentation

Staff our leading Django experts with your team to alleviate capacity constraints and impart best practices. We provide support to help you improve code quality, implement a culture of code reviews, and streamline your development workflow.

Areas of Expertise

Our specialties are Django and Python. Using our tried and true Success Model, our technology experts help you identify the best strategies for combining custom and off-the-shelf components. We work with organizations of all sizes.

Application Development Pricing

Low Complexity

Projects that use customization to combine off-the-shelf components in novel ways.

Starts at $25k

Medium Complexity

Projects that use off-the-shelf components, but require custom work due to high degree of data exchange between services.

Starts at $100k

High Complexity

Projects that use off-the-shelf components, but rely mainly on custom components; can involve five or more integrations and 5 million or more users.

Starts at $500k

We have reduced rates for social innovation projects.

Contact us today to start your project

At the heart of our agile development process is honest feedback from users and clients. With agile, our focus is on listening, rapid iteration, thoughtful changes, and delivering on time and on budget.