Custom Web App Development

Our experts collaborate with the energy and creativity that comes from being in the same place at the same time. This enables us to engineer solutions that feel simple and can grow with you.

Past client work includes database-driven websites, dashboards, data visualizations, survey tools, mHealth apps, and more.

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    Responsive, CMS-driven websites

    Any multi-page, dynamic website delivering content to users needs a content management system. We use Wagtail CMS to develop a custom experience matching the specific requirements of our clients. The benefit to custom work? Getting the exact tools you need, with none of the unnecessary feature bloat often found in build-your-own website platforms.

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    Multi-tenant solutions

    Streamline product rollouts or syndication by serving multiple clients with a single web app. Build one platform for a consistent appearance, then allow customizable content for each market or department. Our previous work in this area includes news media websites and an online games forum.

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    Survey tools

    Collect data for research collaborations or deliver surveys to millions of users. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), we deliver dynamically-scaling infrastructure so that you only use the resources needed.

    Read a case study: Auto-scaling Online Survey for UChicago

  • A dashboard with charts visualizing voter registration data.

    Data visualization

    Data has more impact when it’s visualized. Our work on a number of large-scale public policy and research projects means we have experience building scalable solutions sufficiently robust to handle heavy data sets.

    Review agency data on the NC Open Data Policing project for examples of data visualization.

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