Custom Web App Development

Our passionate, creative experts engineer solutions that are elegant and can grow with you. Our top-notch quality assurance practices ensure project requirement compliance.

Past client work includes database-driven websites, dashboards, data visualizations, survey tools, mHealth apps, and more.

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  • A dashboard with charts visualizing voter registration data.

    Data visualization

    Data has more impact when it’s visual. Our work on a number of large-scale public policy and research projects means we have experience building scalable solutions sufficiently robust to handle heavy data sets.
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    It doesn't matter if you're deploying a new app or a new feature, speed and stability are everything. We build and maintain stable server environments that provide you with consistent delivery to your users. Take advantage of Caktus devops and development teams to ensure better experiences with today's complex solutions.

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    Design your website, apps, and tech so that all users can understand, navigate and interact with your content. Utilizing accessibility best practices benefits everyone — those with disabilities, as well as those with different types of mobile devices or slow internet connectivity. Caktus experts use internationally-recognized principles to meet accessibility standards so your product will effectively reach as many people as possible.

    Accessibility Testing Tips for Beginners: Learn more about being an advocate and voice for your end users.

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    Multi-tenant solutions

    Streamline product rollouts or syndication by serving multiple clients with a single web app. Build one platform for a consistent appearance, then allow customizable content for each market or department. Our previous work in this area includes news media websites and online games forums.

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    Single-page apps

    A single-page app (SPA) offers seamless transitions between pages, reduces load times, and provides an abundance of micro-interactions — small, intuitive bits of design and animation that help guide, engage, and delight your user. Because of their very nature, SPAs are resistant to user-facing failure, so no more 404 errors. Your user continues along on your website unhampered. If you’re considering adding SPAs to your high-level site architecture, Caktus experts can help guide you to the software frameworks that make the most sense for your business.

    Build a Better App: Find out if a single-page app is right for your product.

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    SMS apps

    Create a text messaging application with a wide reach. SMS apps are universally supported by all mobile devices and networks, and require no additional applications for the user to install. As a core contributor to RapidSMS, an open source, Django-based framework, Caktus builds SMS apps for customers throughout the world.

    We built the World’s First SMS Voter Registration System that helped improve access to Libya’s democratic process.

  • A paper survey and pencil on a desk.

    Survey tools

    Collect data for research collaborations or deliver surveys to millions of users. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), we deliver dynamically-scaling infrastructure so you only use the resource you really need.

    Read a case study: Auto-scaling Online Survey for UChicago

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