Team Augmentation

Feel like we've always been a part of your team.

Extend your in-house development team or set up a new team within weeks. Caktus makes it easy. Since 2007, organizations large and small have turned to us to seamlessly integrate our developers into new and existing projects. Our experienced developers alleviate capacity constraints, improve code quality, and streamline development — while you stay in control of the development process.

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    Scale quickly

    Save time and money by finding the right skill set quickly. Our developers are vetted, and their skills align specifically with your needs. Scale as needed, when needed, to meet the demands of your business.

    No Time to Hire: Learn how temporary scaling can help with development projects.

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    Boost resources temporarily

    Get across any finish line by bringing on Caktus developers for specified or flexible timeframes, keeping staff costs down and business moving forward.

    Read a case study: A Startup Healthcare Tech Firm Is Now Poised for the Future

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    Get long-term support

    Caktus developers can fill long-term gaps, taking the pressure off your recruiting efforts and giving you time to find the right hire. Keep projects at capacity and on track while building in-house staff.

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    Add unique skill sets

    Complement your team’s skills with expertise from Caktus. Our developers are leaders in Django, front-end technologies, and full stack development. QA analysts at Caktus help identify risks and edge cases, write solid acceptance criteria, and identify defects before they impact the end user. Our UX designers assess and monitor usability and the user experience, facilitate product definition and requirements gathering, and identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.

    Our developers have strong test-driven development skills, familiarity with agile methodologies, and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Because they’re self-motivated, inventive, and able to operate successfully under deadlines and time pressures, you'll find the Caktus team great to work with.

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