Team Augmentation

Staff your team with our web development experts to alleviate capacity constraints, improve code quality, streamline development, and implement best practices.

Team (or staff) augmentation is the ideal solution for both long-term capacity building and temporary resource boosts. We help identify gaps and the level of effort required, then we select the best fit for the job from our sharp team.

You’ll feel like we’ve always been a part of your team.

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  • Django developer at work.


    Our team of experienced Django and front-end developers are available for mid- to long-term projects where hiring your own team isn’t feasible. All of our developers are skilled in creating custom work, not just editing an existing project.

  • QA testing a mobile web app.

    Quality assurance analysts

    Assessing and maintaining quality is key to delivering a strong product. As part of the process, our QA analysts help identify risks and edge cases during development and work with the larger team to write solid acceptance criteria and identify defects before they impact the end user.

    Our QA team has experience working on existing projects in various stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), or starting a new project with testing best practices in mind. If you lack the resource to hire your own QA team but still want to deliver a quality product, staff your team with our experts.

  • UX designer consulting on a project.

    UX designers

    Assess and monitor the user experience and usability of your application with support from our UX designers. For larger projects, we can also facilitate product definition and requirements gathering or identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.

  • Project managers meeting to discuss upcoming work.

    Project managers

    If you don’t have a project manager in-house, we recommend staffing one of ours while we work on your project. Project managers are experts at coordinating the many details that go into development projects, keeping everything running smoothly and addressing concerns and challenges before they adversely affect the project.

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