Wagtail/CMS Development

Caktus experts utilize Wagtail and Django CMS to build responsive, user-friendly websites that go above and beyond the current abilities of a WordPress site.

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    Wagtail is a Python-driven content management system built on the Django web framework. It delivers a robust technical solution with intuitive navigation and architecture, user-friendly content editing tools, painless image uploading and editing capabilities, and straightforward installation. It seamlessly integrates with other Django and Python applications allowing near-endless flexibility to extend your project with added functionality.

    Learn more about Why We Love Wagtail.

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    Why a custom CMS?

    With a customized web project from Caktus, you’ll get the exact tools you need, with none of the unnecessary feature bloat often found in build-your-own website platforms.

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    Django CMS

    The Django CMS is an open-source content management system platform. It is highly flexible and customizable, and supports multiple languages right out of the box. Django CMS has an application-oriented architecture with HTML-based templates that allow for reusable design and minimal training for non-technical professionals.

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