Quality Assurance

Provide your users with the best possible experience using top-notch quality assurance practices. Caktus offers QA as part of our custom development projects and as a separate service. Our experts provide thorough testing and prioritize any defects to minimize the impact on the end product and meet the project's requirements.

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    Find out what’s working and what’s not. Our quality assurance analysts will get familiar with your existing website, web app, or mobile app and work with you to understand requirements and identify your goals. We’ll uncover errors and bugs that may have been overlooked during design and development, then provide you with a detailed report.

    Ensure your end product meets specified requirements. Get an overview of the process with this blog post: What is Software Quality Assurance?

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    Test plan

    Prioritize the areas of highest value. Caktus QA experts will guide you in pinpointing the key sections of your site or app that prove most critical to your business goals. Caktus can then execute the test plan or hand it off to your team for implementation.

    Get a primer on how we go about Prioritizing Defects.

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    Detailed reporting

    Throughout the process, our analysts document all aspects of the project. We test on multiple browsers and machines to ensure your users have a positive experience on your site or app, no matter what device they are using. Upon test completion, our team presents detailed findings and user-improvement suggestions, citing enhancements for an even better user experience.

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