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Reach your customers where they are — on their mobile devices. Caktus delivers flexible and scalable business applications using the latest mobile technologies.

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    Hybrid mobile apps

    Hybrid mobile applications use a single language that runs on both iOS and Android devices. This means our developers only need to build one app that can be published on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Access device capabilities, such as beacons, GPS, push notifications, augmented reality, and more.

    Get Your App to the Mobile Market: Learn more about choosing the best path for your mobile app.

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    React Native

    Caktus developers use React Native to build interactive and fast-loading hybrid mobile apps. This open source framework uses a combination of native code and traditional browser-based technologies to bridge the gap between Android and iOS. React Native gets updates quickly to meet ever-changing mobile device capabilities.

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    Mobile realized

    Lean on our mobile technology team to talk you through the best options for achieving your goals with mobile. And, if needed, we can handle the full process, from working with you on user-focused interface design to rapid development to mobile app submission.

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