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In 2018, we published 44 posts on our blog, including technical how-to’s, a series on UX research methods, web development best practices, and tips for project management. Among all those posts, 18 rose to the top of the popularity list in 2018.

  1. Creating Dynamic Forms with Django: Our most popular blog post delves into a straightforward approach to creating dynamic forms.

  2. Make ALL Your Django Forms Better: This post also focuses on Django forms. Learn how to efficiently build consistent forms, across an entire website.

  3. Django vs WordPress: How to decide?: Once you invest in a content management platform, the cost to switch later may be high. Learn about the differences between Django and WordPress, and see which one best fits your needs.

  4. Basics of Django Rest Framework: Django Rest Framework is a library which helps you build flexible APIs for your project. Learn how to use it, with this intro post.

  5. How to Fix your Python Code's Style: When you inherit code that doesn’t follow your style preferences, fix it quickly with the instructions in this post. Woman typing on a laptop.

  6. Filtering and Pagination with Django: Learn to build a list page that allows filtering and pagination by enhancing Django with tools like django_filter.

  7. Better Python Dependency Management with pip-tools: One of our developers looked into using pip-tools to improve his workflow around projects' Python dependencies. See what he learned with pip-tools version 2.0.2.

  8. Types of UX Research: User-centered research is an important part of design and development. In this first post in the UX research series, we dive into the different types of research and when to use each one.

  9. Outgrowing Sprints: A Shift from Scrum to Kanban: Caktus teams have used Scrum for over two years. See why one team decided to switch to Kanban, and the process they went through.

  10. Avoiding the Blame Game in Scrum: The words we use, and the tone in which we use them, can either nurture or hinder the growth of Scrum teams. Learn about the importance of communicating without placing blame.

  11. What is Software Quality Assurance?: A crucial but often overlooked aspect of software development is quality assurance. Find out more about its value and why it should be part of your development process.

  12. Quick Tips: How to Find Your Project ID in JIRA Cloud: Have you ever created a filter in JIRA full of project names and returned to edit it, only to find all the project names replaced by five-digit numbers with no context? Learn how to find the project in both the old and new JIRA experience.

  13. UX Research Methods 2: Analyzing Behavior: Learn about UX research methods best suited to understand user behavior and its causes.

  14. UX Research Methods 3: Evaluating What Is: One set of techniques included in UX research involves evaluating the landscape and specific instances of existing user experience. Learn more about competitive landscape review.

  15. Django or Drupal for Content Management: Which Fits your Needs?: If you’re building or updating a website, you should integrate a content management system (CMS). See the pros and cons of Django and Drupal, and learn why we prefer Django.

  16. 5 Scrum Master Lessons Learned: Whether your team is new to Scrum or not, check out these lessons learned. Some are practical, some are abstract, and some are helpful reminders like “Stop being resistant to change, let yourself be flexible."

  17. Add Value To Your Django Project With An API: This post for business users and beginning coders outlines what an API is and how it can add value to your web development project.

  18. Caktus Blog: Best of 2017: How appropriate that the last post in this list is about our most popular posts from the previous year! So, when you’ve read the posts above, check out our best posts from 2017.

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