SMS Applications

We've built multi-million user SMS apps for international governments, global NGOs, and large ICT4D projects. Past work includes a voter registration platform in Libya and a mobile messaging application providing infant HIV results in Zambia and Malawi.

There are also business use cases. If you need to develop a bulk sms service to reach millions of customers, we can build a custom solution to your specifications.

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    Our mobile messaging platform gives you the freedom of complete data control, unlimited messages, and flexible customization. Easily create interactive mobile messages for campaigns and surveys. RapidPro is open source, which means Caktus can give you the ease of an out-of-the-box solution with the tailored fit of custom software.

    We built TracPro, a custom dashboard RapidPro add-on, for UNICEF. It allows country offices to quickly build additional reports at the level of complexity needed for each situation.

  • A reporting dashboard displaying the results of SMS voter registration.

    Dashboards and reporting

    Whether you’re running a campaign, a survey, or a voter registration drive, you need to be able to analyze performance. We provide customized dashboard and reporting add-ons to our SMS apps to ensure you get the most from your data.

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    No developers required

    After launch, easily create custom message workflows using click-and-drag features. Leave the technical details, like maintenance and security, to us.

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