RapidPro Powered by You

Gain the freedom of your own mobile messaging platform.

Get started on your own project 

How it works

We set up RapidPro just for your organization, giving you the freedom of complete data control, unlimited messages, and flexible customization. Easily create interactive mobile messages for campaigns and surveys, and leave the details of hosting and maintenance to us.

Caktus is a RapidPro expert. We’ve worked directly with UNICEF to grow the RapidPro community and to develop custom add-ons.

Access to SMS experts

Send SMS messages no matter how remote your targets are. We can help you understand which services and mobile providers to connect to your platform.

Complete data control

Integrate data from multiple sources. With Caktus, you can store as much data as you want for as long as you want without worry.

Grows with you

Caktus can adapt RapidPro to changing needs. We provide customized add-ons like dashboards, reporting, and more.

Limitless messaging

Send as many messages as your organization needs across any platform including SMS, Twitter, and Facebook Messenger. Quickly scale up when you need to.

No developers required

After launch, easily create custom message workflows using click-and-drag features. Create workflows within minutes. Leave the technical details, like maintenance, to us.

Open source

RapidPro is open source, which means Caktus can give you the ease of an out-of-the-box solution with the tailored fit of custom software.

Featured work

About Caktus

Experts turn to Caktus for web and mobile tools done right. Our award-winning, co-located team partners with clients to design, develop, and launch custom applications. We translate goals into technical requirements, use agile to quickly deliver working rsults every two weeks, and build apps that can grow with your needs.