Jeanette O'Brien




From learning the intricacies of building a computer by watching her engineering father take them apart to building simple websites in HTML and CSS for her friends in high school, Jeanette has always had a passion for tech from a young age.

Jeanette has held roles as a Site Coordinator for a YMCA afterschool program, Assistant Teacher to a preschool class of 20 three-year-olds, Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Designer for a non-profit, and everything in between. She made her transition into tech after graduating from a Durham, NC-based code school, Momentum, in 2018 and has enjoyed a career as a software developer ever since.

When she isn't writing code, Jeanette enjoys: 
  • Serenading her pets, Jango and Oforxd --- two tabby cats; Garvey and Gemma --- two chihuahua mixes, and her partner, Aaron, with songs from Disney movies and classic musicals
  • Reading page-turning high fantasy novels and graphic novels
  • Watching anime and playing cozy videogames
  • Hiking the many greenways and state parks of North Carolina