Ethical Divinations

Image by Jeanette O'Brien

Through all of your Caktus Universe exploring, set your sights high but keep your expectations at sea level. We’re here to explore and experiment, share a couple of laughs, and live as humans just trying to make it from one day to the next. Some pieces will be silly and inane, many will be our bread and butter technical works, others will serve hard-hitting topics with wide-ranging social implications, and still others will be somewhere in-between.

Ethical Divinations is one place where we’ll touch on those hard-hitting and thought-provoking topics, because as they say, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Broadly speaking, what are the moral or ethical ramifications of technology? What are our individual and collective responsibilities to the applied technologies that we build and/or use? Do we have unspoken social contracts to uphold? Who are these technological advancements designed for? What histories have been swept under the rug of our more famous inventions? What questions “should” we be asking about technologies on the horizon?

Since travel plans, family drama, and full bellies are on the menu for this week, posts will be published on back to back days, ahead of the holiday. In the following piece, you’ll find yourself in a familiar yet altogether new setting. It might be sci-fi, or it might just be our future. It may in fact be both. Written by Caktus team member James Worthan, Big Data is the first work of fiction hosted by our blog. Your imagination is very much welcome here.

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