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Welcome to the Caktus universe. If you read our opening piece New Worlds, you’re already aware that when you enter our blogosphere, the air is a little bit different than normal. (If you haven’t read it, don’t delay!) Sure, we’ll be talking about technology and the super cool, agile, sharp web applications that Caktus builds. AND…guess what else? Behind all of those applications, codes, and tech lingo are very real people. Folks with whole lives who are interacting with culture and society, raising families, spending time with chosen family members, and engaging in hobbies and side hustles. Basically, human beings who are breathing, eating, laughing, grieving, thriving, and making their way through each day. This blog will live into the fullness of this reality.

Here’s what you can expect from us. Once or twice a week, you’ll experience content from various team members throughout the company. Some are writers, others are artists, some might wax poetic in spoken conversation, and still others are music enthusiasts wanting to share their passion. There will be an ever-constant thread of technology and its implications while casting a wider vision of our collective humanity. Content will be grouped into four categories, presenting one category each week. And in case, by this point, you were wondering how the Caktus universe is any different than our current universe, behold the content categories: Cosmic Revelations, Alien Anthropologist, Ethical Divinations, and Developer’s Playground. A description of each will be rolled out in the following weeks.

Currently, we find ourselves right in the midst of ✨Cosmic Revelations✨. During these revelatory weeks, we’ll share what’s happening in our sphere of influence. Most topics addressed will be internally related. Those curious about Caktus goings-on might wonder what drives us to do our work. What exactly is the work of Caktus anyway? How is the work evolving from that fateful founding day fifteen years ago to now? What new visions does Caktus have and what can we see on the horizon? But most importantly, who are we…really? What people, talents, skills, activities, and issues do we care about? Who do we, collectively and individually, want to become?

As we navigate the Caktus universe, we’ll drop into Community Corner where contributors paint a picture of words about who we are. Topics could range anywhere from our trials, tribulations, and successes as a Teal organization and staying its course, becoming a cooperatively owned company, our recent 15 year birthday, mentoring, collaboration, co-working, partnerships with clients and community relationships, and anything else we might dream up.

And dream up, we shall.

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