What We’re Clicking - September 2016 Link Roundup

Every 30 days, we look over the most popular and talked about links that we’ve either shared on social media or amongst ourselves. This month, a lot of the favorites were from our peers on our blog post. Here’s our top five for September.

Insights into software development from a quality assurance (QA) pro

Our QA Analyst, Charlotte Foque, sheds light onto what exactly quality assurance is and shares with us the intricacies of doing it well.

NoSQL Databases: a Survey and Decision Guidance

Felix Gessert of Baqend shares an overview of the NoSQL landscape and various tradeoffs in this highly detailed article. The article demonstrates how difficult it can be to match your database to your work/queries.

Audiences, Outcomes, and Determining User Needs

“Every website needs an audience. And every audience needs a goal. Advocating for end-user needs is the very foundation of the user experience disciplines. We make websites for real people. Those real people are able to do real things. Everyone is happy.”

Digital development principles: a tech firm’s take on understanding ecosystems

Caktus UX Designer Basia Coulter and Strategist Tania Lee talk about ways to understand existing ecosystems and building consensus behind goals and solutions.

Creating Your Code Review Checklist

In this DZone article, Erik Dietrich presents not only a code review checklist, but a philosophy: automate the easy stuff, code review the important stuff.

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