What We’re Clicking - August Link Roundup

Every month we collect the links we’ve shared on social media or amongst ourselves that have captured our interest. Here are our favorites from the past 30 days.

Write an Excellent Programming Blog (TalkPython)

One of the best ways to contribute to open source is by sharing knowledge. A. Jesse Davis, a frequent speaker on this topic, shares his thoughts on writing excellent blog posts in this TalkPython podcast.

Deploying Django + Python 3 + PostgreSQL to AWS Elastic Beanstalk (Real Python)

We’ve been exploring this very same topic at Caktus. Here’s the blog description: “The following is a soup to nuts walkthrough of how to setup and deploy a Django application, powered by Python 3, and PostgreSQL to Amazon Web Services (AWS) all while remaining sane.”

APIs: A Bridge Between Mobile Operators and Startups in Africa (Venture Capital for Africa)

“In emerging markets, where mobile operators are the main enablers of the digital economy, operator APIs are a powerful channel for unlocking creativity and giving the startup ecosystem a boost. Every time an operator opens a new set of APIs, it creates a powerful cycle of innovation as startups can combine several APIs to create new services.”

Breaking out of two loops (nedbatchelder.com)

“A common question is, how do I break out of two nested loops at once? For example, how can I examine pairs of characters in a string, stopping when I find an equal pair?... make the double loop into a single loop, and then just use a simple break.”

Death of a survey (DevEx)

In this article, there’s a discussion on how humanitarian organizations are now inundated with data. The most critical point is knowing what question to ask about the data: “What information could help both my organization and our partners do our work better?”

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