PyCon 2018 Recap

Making connections

Before the conference, our team listed “making connections” as one of the main reasons to attend PyCon. We certainly did that, welcoming visitors to the booth and catching up with friends old and new.

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe returned with an upgraded AI to play against. It was a tough one to beat this year! We had a couple of people achieve victory, though.

Winner of Ultimate Tic Tac Toe in front of the Caktus booth at PyCon 2018.

We also gave away two Raspberry Pi 3 kits to lucky winners.


Learning from fellow Pythonistas is another reason our team loves going to PyCon. The keynotes were highlighted as particularly engaging, although there were many mentioned by talk attendees on Twitter. Here are a few:

Look out for the 2018 edition of our PyCon Must-See series, coming soon!

PyLadies auction

The PyLadies auction sold out this year for the first time. Bidding was hot for items ranging from Tesla coil music-makers to cross-stitch samplers and limited-edition prints.

The sold-out room at the PyLadies auction.

Cakti love to support the larger community and this year we were excited to donate an item to the PyLadies auction. This luxurious handwoven scarf, created by a member of the Caktus team, will let its new owner represent Python in style. Thank you to the buyer for supporting PyLadies!

Python-themed scarf, hand-woven by Elizabeth Chabot for the PyLadies auction.

Long live Python

It was another great year at PyCon! Thanks to all of the Python community for participating, and extra thanks to the organizers and volunteers. We appreciate all that you do!

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