Erik Rose's talk on constructive code reviews.

There were so many good talks this year that we're including a bonus entry in the 2017 edition of our annual PyCon Must-See Series, highlighting the talks our staff especially loved at PyCon.

Erik Rose’s talk “Constructive Code Review” is on the surface a talk about how to do just that: review code in a way that builds people up rather than tearing them down. However, in 40 minutes he manages to cover a breadth of topics relevant to anyone who works with other people, including (but not limited to): simple rules to assist you in maintaining constructive communications, tips on how to ensure you receive the feedback you want, methods to manage your emotional state, stress management, a three-step approach to training new people, and ideas on how to build trust. I found this talk so helpful that I’ve watched it twice and taken detailed notes, and recommended it to my teams to watch as well. Highly recommended, whether you code for a living or not!

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