Bake the Cookies - PyCon 2016

Part five of six in our annual PyCon Must-See Series, a weekly highlight of talks our staff especially loved at PyCon. With so many fantastic talks, it’s hard to know where to start, so here’s our short list.

One of the talks that had the most profound impact on me at PyCon was Adrienne Lowe’s talk, “Bake The Cookies, Wear the Dress: Connecting with Confident Authenticity”. It was really impressive to see a woman who is relatively new to coding talk about being herself and not being swayed by advice to appear "less feminine." Another really important point was that effective mentors need to model their slogging and struggle as well as their success. It's impossible for learners to emulate someone who appears to just magically "get" things. She used helpful metaphors from another passion of hers, cooking, that illustrated her points very clearly. Adrienne was forthcoming with her own personal challenges, which was brave and will be helpful to anyone listening to her talk who is experiencing similar challenges or who is in a position to mentor someone through those challenges.

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