Caktus Implementing New Policy Modeled on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Caktus’ successful growth in mobile messaging applications overseas has been a wonderful point of pride for us. The work we’re doing internationally has real impact on burgeoning democracies, HIV/AIDs patients, and others where technology makes all the difference.

As we continue this work—work we truly believe in—we think it’s important to step back and state our values. We are building a new policy modeled on the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The FCPA was originally implemented to address bribery and other corrupt behavior. Our new policy will re-state our company philosophy: we will not give or receive bribes in any form, including gifts. We will adhere to all laws and regulations.

Creating a policy like this was obvious in many ways. Though we’d always operated with the assumption that we’d be transparent and above board (because why else be an open source firm if we didn’t believe in that?), we’re glad to be taking this official step.

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