Mark and Calvin

Last month we hosted the first talk in our new Caktus Lightning Talk Lunch series. We started this series to get together and learn about new projects, different applications, and interesting topics that the Caktus team has been working on. Lunch was provided from Buns in Chapel Hill and Mark Lavin gave the first talk.

Mark presented on django-selectable, a Django autocomplete app powered by jQuery UI. Similar to django-ajax-selects, django-selectable provides a framework to construct autocompleting text fields, but differs in a few key areas:

  • jQuery's native autocomplete plugin is used, rather than the now defunct bassistance version
  • A declarative, class-based paradigm is used for easily defining and customizing lookup sources. No more template propagation and inline JavaScript!
  • A registration process, similar to the Django admin, is used to enable lookups
  • Many-to-Many field support and multi-selection (via an editable deck list)
  • Multiple selects (and combo boxes) can be added to the same page

You can find Mark’s slides for the talk here. Also, the source code for django-selectable can be found here.

Everyone had a great time and we are all really excited to see what other interesting topics the team comes up with to talk about.

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