Join us as Jim Allman of Interrobang Digital Media gives a quick tour of web2py, the open source, full-stack web framework for building modular and portable web apps. We'll take a quick tour of its features, technology, history, and community. Then we'll look under the hood of a fairly simple web2py app, a browser for phylogenetic trees from the Open Tree of Life project. Along the way, we'll look at web2py's plugin architecture and how to integrate Twitter Bootstrap for a modern, responsive user interface. Lightning talks, 5 to 10 minutes extemporaneous expositions on a topic of interest to you, something you recently learned, kind of like a show and tell, are always welcome as well. We'll be meeting for the first time at Bull City Coworking. Please see the parking instructions on the BCC website. A wide variety of possibilities for the after-meeting are within steps of BCC.


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