There's not a lack of pilots in the ICT4D world, so what makes the difference between a project that fulfills the promise of reaching millions and ones that disappear? Often, the answer is early, informed planning before the pilot gets off the ground. Making strategic technology decisions from the start can feel overwhelming - so many options and all of them sound the same!

This panel of leading humanitarian technologists will discuss what technology concepts matter most at the start, sharing their expertise to prepare you for the early conversations that can determine future success. Topics range from understanding the differences in open source platforms to the configuration versus customization debate. They'll highlight good and bad examples from the field. You will get perspectives from developers and ICT4D portfolio managers on what makes a system secure, reliable, and stable. By attending this panel at the Catholic Relief Service's 2015 ICT4D conference, you'll gain a solid grasp of what technology concepts matter most, what questions you should ask of colleagues and vendors, common pitfalls, and how to consider the unique needs of your organization.

Panelists include Jake Watson (ICT Solutions Architect, International Rescue Committee), Jeff Wishnie (Senior Director of Program Technology, MercyCorps), and Colin Copeland (Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Caktus Group).


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