Sweatin' to the Web: Kinect like Control of your Browser

Sweatin' to the Web is presenter Ben Farrell's modern take on the fitness craze of the 80's. Instead of your TV, though, we'll examine a more updated platform...the web!

Using Kinect and Kinect-like devices, open source, cross platform libraries, and Ben's brand new Node.js plugin we'll bring skeletal tracking, motion control, and gestures to Node.js and the web browser.

You don't have to be a C++ nerd to get into this...nor even a huge Javascript nerd. Presenter Ben Farrell aims to make it easy with his simple to use plugin along with a lot of examples and bootstrapping stuff to get skeletal data and gestures with only about 3 lines of Javascript.

Since he's designed it to be easy to pick up-we'll talk a tiny bit about the code, yes...but more importantly, Ben will give you a crash course into the world of NUI (natural user interaction) and the UX of it all (NUX???)




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