Curious about programming? Want to learn one language that you can use to build websites, program robots, visualize data, run servers, and make art? Then you're ready to get started with Python.

Python powers some of the most popular websites and apps we all know and love, like Pinterest, Instagram and Rdio, to name a few. It's used by tech companies all over the world, including many companies right here in Triangle.

Join us for Python for Beginners - Part Two! This is the second portion of our workshop for learning Python and is designed for people who have very limited or no programming experience. During this interactive workshop, we'll build on the concepts from Part One. We'll explore functions, built-in data types such as lists and dictionaries, and create our first classes. These concepts will help students use the powerful expressiveness of Python to tackle real problems. We'll mix lecture and practice and work through lots of problems together, including creating a simple interactive game!


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