Caktus is proud to announce our first Django Fundamentals Bootcamp, a two day beginners course for anyone who wants to learn the basics of building a Django web application. Designed for developers with basic programming experience, this course will provide you with the essentials needed to build and develop a simple Django application in a hands-on and interactive setting. The training will focus on the construction of a crossword drill application to illustrate Django’s architecture and ecosystem.

Quick Facts

  • What: 2-day (9-4p) hands-on Django fundamentals training course
  • Size: 4 instructors and 15-20 participants
  • Audience: Software developers interested in building Django web applications
  • Prerequisites: As we will be focusing entirely on Django, you should be comfortable in Python or a similar language. You will need to provide your own laptop with Python 2.6 or 2.7 installed
  • Includes: Coffee, drinks, snacks, and 2 lunches provided
  • Where: Taught at the Caktus offices in Carrboro, NC
  • Tickets: $550; $400 early bird special

Day One

  • Django’s History and It’s Presence on the Web
  • Bootcamp Goals
  • The Makings of a Django Project
  • Python Virtual Environments and Django Installation
  • Project Creation and Settings Configuration
  • Django Applications Overview
  • Creating a Django View
  • Creating a Django Template
  • Data Modeling
  • Defining Django Models and Relationships
  • Exploring the Django Admin

Day Two

  • Loading Serialized Example Data
  • The Django ORM and Retrieving Objects
  • Behind the Scenes: SQL
  • Filtering Model Objects
  • Query Construction and Database Relationships
  • Building a Homepage
  • DRY and Template Inheritance
  • Viewing Answers and Clues
  • Prettify with CSS
  • Static Files and Resources
  • Django Form's and Validation User Input
  • Using the Session and Displaying Messages
  • Community Apps and Determining Quality
  • Popular Apps and Installing

Karen Tracey has been a key contributor to the Django community since 2006 and been of great help developing it’s growth. She joined Caktus Consulting Group in 2010 as one of our lead developers. Karen continues her involvement in Django as a core developer for the Django project.

Mark Lavin learned Django while working on Wall St. He brought his skills to the Caktus office in 2010 and continues to develop open source projects like Brewed By Us and django-selectables.

Colin Copeland is one of the co-founders of Caktus Consulting Group. He started using Django while he was in college computer science degree from Earlham College. He has created numerous applications, including a RapidSMS application to monitor vaccine trials and also a system to monitor student goals for Teachers Without Borders.

Tobias McNulty is another one of the co-founders for Caktus Consulting Group. He started developing with Django in 2006 when wanting to figure out an easily customized platform for creating web applications for clients. He has since then taken his skills to Malawi, Africa where he aided in creating a RapidSMS system for UNICEF’s Project Mwana.

The Caktus office is located in downtown Carrboro and is within walking distance of many restaurants, bars, and shops. The address is: 209 Lloyd St, Carrboro, NC 27510 After turning on Lloyd St, the Caktus will be on your left past Rice's Glass and Carrboro Coworking. The sign reads "The Lloyd Street Court," and we're in the 3rd building. The entrance to the parking lot is just past the three green buildings. If space is limited, there's additional city parking behind Carrboro Coworking (turn left immediately before the 3 green buildings and continue straight to the gravel parking area).


The Chapel Hill Transit System is a free bus that runs throughout the city. The F and J buses run directly by our offices. You can view schedules and maps at their website.

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