Katie Silverio speaking about Python decorators at PyCon 2017.

Part one of six in the 2017 edition of our annual PyCon Must-See Series, highlighting the talks our staff especially loved at PyCon. While there were many great talks, this is our team's shortlist.

Back when I started coding in Python, I remember that decorators were one of the most difficult concepts for me to understand. At the time, I tried to watch a couple of videos about them to better understand them and ended up with no more clarification.

In her talk "Decorators, unwrapped", Katie Silverio uses the example of a “timer” decorator which will log the time any function takes to stdout.

And then, Katie does something really great. She writes some code without any decorators which will act like a decorator. It was a really novel way to teach the audience about how decorators work. I’m looking forward to giving this talk a re-watch the next time I need to use a decorator in some code.

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