Caktus Group is growing

We’ve hit one of our greatest growth points yet in 2015, adding nine new team members since January to handle our increasing project load. There are many exciting things on the horizon for Caktus and our clients, so it’s wonderful to have a few more hands on deck.

One of the best things about working at Caktus is the diversity of our staff’s interests and backgrounds. In order of their appearance from left to right in the photos above, here’s a quick look at our new Cakti’s roles and some fun facts:

Neil Ashton

Neil was also a Caktus contractor who has made the move to full-time Django developer. He is a keen student of more than programming languages; he holds two degrees in Classics and another Master’s in Linguistics.

Jeff Bradberry

Though Jeff has been working as a contractor at Caktus, he recently became a full-time developer. In his spare time, he likes to play around with artificial intelligence, sometimes giving his creations a dose of inexplicable, random behavior to better mimic us poor humans.

Ross Pike

Ross is our new Lead Designer and has earned recognition for his work from Print, How Magazine, and the AIGA. He also served in the Peace Corps for a year in Bolivia on a health and water mission.

Lucas Rowe

Lucas joins us for six months as a game designer, courtesy of a federal grant to reduce the spread of HIV. When he’s not working on Epic Allies, our HIV medication app, he can be found playing board games or visiting local breweries.

Erin Mullaney

Erin has more than a decade of development experience behind her, making her the perfect addition to our team of Django developers. She loves cooking healthy, vegan meals and watching television shows laden with 90s nostalgia.

Liza Chabot

Liza is an English major who loves to read, write, and organize, all necessary skills as Caktus’ Administrative and Marketing Assistant. She is also a weaver and sells and exhibits her handwoven wall hangings and textiles in the local craft community.

NC Nwoko

NC’s skills are vast in scope. She graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication with a focus on public relations and business as well as a second major in International Studies with a focus on global economics. She now puts this experience to good use as Caktus’ Digital Health Product Manager, but on the weekends you can find her playing video games and reading comic books.

Edward Rowe

Edward is joining us for six months as a game developer for the Epic Allies project. He loves developing games for social good. Outside of work, Edward continues to express his passion for games as an avid indie game developer, UNC basketball fan, and board and video game player.

Rob Lineberger

Rob is our new Django contractor. Rob is a renaissance man; he’s not only a skilled and respected visual artist, he’s trained in bioinformatics, psychology, information systems and knows his way around the kitchen.

To learn more about our team, visit our About Page. And if you’re wishing you could spend your days with these smart, passionate people, keep in mind that we’re still hiring.

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