Webcast: Creating Enriching Web Applications with Django and Backbone.js

Update: The live webcast is now available at O'Reilly Media

Our technical director, Mark Lavin, will be giving a tutorial on Django and Backbone.js during a free webcast for O’Reilly Media tomorrow, November 6th, 1pm EST. There will be demos and a discussion of common stumbling blocks when building rich client apps.

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Here’s a description of his talk:

"Django and Backbone are two of the most popular frameworks for web backends and frontends respectively and this webcast will talk about how to use them together effectively. During the session we'll build a simple REST API with Django and connect it to a single page application built with Backbone. This will examine the separation of client and server responsibilities. We'll dive into the differences between client-side and server-side routing and other stumbling blocks that developers encounter when trying to build rich client applications.

If you're familiar with Python/Django but unfamiliar with Javascript frameworks, you'll get some useful ideas and examples on how to start integrating the two. If you're a Backbone guru but not comfortable working on the server, you'll learn how the MVC concepts you know from Backbone can translate to building a Django application."

Update: The live webcast is now available at O'Reilly Media

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