Raspberry IO Open Sourced

Back in March, at PyCon 2013, the PSF provided each attendee with a Raspberry Pi, a tiny credit-card sized computer meant to be paired with the Python programming language. The power and portability of the Raspberry Pi has stimulated an explosion of interest among hobbyists and educators. Their uses seem to be limited only by our collective imagination.

Along with that generous gift, the PSF contracted with Caktus to help tap into this collective imagination. Raspberry IO is a site dedicated to Python and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. The goal of the site is to serve as a friendly place where anyone can learn and teach about using Python with a Raspberry Pi.

We are proud to announce that Raspberry IO is now an open source project. We've written tests and documentation to help you get started and contribute your ideas to the site. Please create an issue at the github repository.

We're excited about the possibilities for a site like this in the hands of the Raspberry Pi and Python communities.  If you have an interesting Raspberry Pi project, then we'd love for you to tell us about it! Razzy welcomes you!

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