Caktus and Python Software Foundation Collaborate on PyCon 2014 in Montreal Site

Caktus is proud to be a part of the launch of the PyCon 2014 in Montreal website. We were delighted to be selected as this year’s partner for software development and brand updates. In the past, we've enjoyed working with the Python Software Foundation as a collaborator for the branding and development and are excited to help out with the PyCon website.

This release of the PyCon 2014 in Montreal site included cleaning up the deployment process, a few fixes to the proposal process, and a cohesive branding strategy that we worked closely with the PyCon staff to create, and will be used throughout the conference. This first phase focused on getting the newly designed site launched with all of the information people need to plan their travel and submit talk proposals. We have a number of new enhancements in the works and invite you to follow along with the development and give feedback on the site's Github repository.

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