Caktus Team Members Presenting at DjangoCon 2012

Caktus is proud to announce that four of our developers will be presenting at this year’s DjangoCon. We are also happy to announce that we will be sponsors of DjangoCon, taking place in Washington D.C. on September 4th through the 7th. In addition to the four Caktus team members who will be presenting this year, our entire development staff will be in attendance enjoying the conference and city.

Karen Tracey and myself will be presenting a talk OpenBlock: Overview and Initial Experience about the implementation of OpenBlock for the OpenRural project. OpenBlock, released to the community from the Knight-funded project, EveryBlock, is a neighborhood news project aiming to provide a framework for hyper-local civic data. Over the past few years, the open source project has been maintained by the non-profit OpenPlans. OpenBlock is not available in every city so we worked with Ryan Thornburg of the UNC School of Journalism and Mass communications to bring OpenBlock to rural North Carolina newspapers by implementing OpenRural. This talk will focus on Colin and Karen’s experience with OpenBlock as they work to deploy OpenRural in North Carolina

Mark Lavin will be giving a talk entitled Maintaining Your Sanity While Maintaining Your Open Source App. During this talk, Mark will discuss how to package your application to add to the Python Package Index, create documentation to be hosted on Read the Docs and set up an environment to test your application against different versions of Python and Django. He will also have an overview of some of the things that you should and should not do when maintaining your app over a period of years.

Our designer and front end developer, Julia Elman will be giving the talk, Is Django for Designers? This talk will discuss the history of Django and designers, and how designers can start working and publishing their own projects. From the beginning, Django has been built to be designer friendly. This talk will be for people who are interested in learning more about how Django empowers designers to create websites intelligently. There will be an overview of template inheritance, built-in template tags and what is new for Django 1.4. Also she will discuss how other designers can begin to contribute to Django and why designers are important to the overall greatness of the community.

Congratulations Julia, Karen and Mark on your talks being accepted! We are all excited to see your presentations at DjangoCon this year.

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