Liza Chabot

Administrative Assistant

Liza Chabot


Liza helps keep operations running smoothly. She enjoys working behind the scenes to support the staff and the wide range of projects at Caktus. As the coordinator of several cultural events in Durham, she is skilled at organizing and prioritizing tasks to ensure employees have everything they need to do their best work. She has formal training in human resources, project management, and various administrative skills.

Liza shares Caktus interests in social good, having mentored and tutored higher education students from underrepresented backgrounds. She also loves handmade design and is a working weaver. She exhibits and sells her weavings in the local and national craft community under the name Buckwheat & Grits.

When not at the office, Liza reads, writes, weaves, bakes, and (arguably) spends too much time on Instagram.