Continually improve your software products in areas of design and user experience by staying up to date. It’s imperative to think about both the front end and the back end simultaneously in order to keep your website running smoothly. At Caktus, we perform Django and Python upgrades to increase security, reduce development and maintenance costs, and ensure support for future growth.

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    Reduce development and maintenance costs

    Your website is an asset that requires continual maintenance. Upgrading as each release is available naturally reduces technical debt by eliminating old, unnecessary code. It also allows your internal development team to reduce the time and money spent on addressing security issues, freeing up time for them to work on website improvements or revenue-generating work.

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    If a vulnerability on your site is taken advantage of by hackers, your organization could lose revenue and reputation, and could even face legal issues. A solid security plan with regular upgrades reduces risk and can save you the trouble of expensive, reactive steps in the event of a cyberattack.

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    Ensure support for future growth

    Making software upgrades part of your growth plan allows for cost-effective feature enhancements, changes, and scalability. Avoid expensive custom workarounds that leave your application unnecessarily clunky and out-of-date. By performing scheduled Python and Django upgrades, you gain the ability to scale your application and add new features in less time and with lower costs.

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