Ongoing Support

Our clients benefit from regular Django upgrades, ensuring the apps we build remain secure, support future growth, and keep future development costs sustainable. We also keep the rest of the tech stack up-to-date and manage hosting with 24/7 support, regular backups, application recovery, and security updates.

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  • A developer works on a Django upgrade as a second watches.

    Tech stack upgrades

    When was the last time you updated the technology your site runs on? Allowing a website, app, or operating system to go out of date introduces security risks and increases long-term development and maintenance costs. Caktus includes regular upgrades in our ongoing services package so you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Two developers checking on the status of a web app.

    Managed hosting and backups

    If you lack the staff or resources to manage hosting and backups, Caktus can provide this beginning at project launch. Support and maintenance of client-owned virtual (cloud-based) servers may include the following:

    • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly backups
    • Application recovery due to virtual machine failure
    • Log monitoring for potential intrusion or other system issues
    • Service monitoring and reporting for errors and failures
    • 24/7 responses to emergent hosting-related issues

    For projects we did not build, the transfer involves standardizing the repositories, automating server deployment and configuration, setting up backups and site monitoring, and transitioning the old production environment to the new, Caktus-managed production environment.

  • Two developers working together to review a client web project.

    Consulting support

    Reserve a set number of hours per month for development consulting, improvements, and bug fixes outside of a major project. This reduces technical debt and ensures your app is continually improving.

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