It doesn't matter if you're deploying a new app or a new feature, speed and stability are everything. At Caktus, we build and maintain stable server environments that provide you with consistent delivery to your users.

Take advantage of Caktus DevOps and development teams to ensure better experiences with today's complex solutions.

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    Environment Configuration

    Eliminate deployment bottlenecks with optimized server environments for staging/QA and production, either cloud-based using AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, or on-premise.

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    AWS web stacks

    Dramatically simplify hosting web applications on AWS. Caktus creates AWS managed resources in an isolated VPC for hosting web applications. This service supports using Elastic Container Service (ECS), Elastic Beanstalk (EB), Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), or EC2 instances for the application server(s) and provides auxiliary managed services such as an RDS instance, ElastiCache instance, Elasticsearch instance (free) SSL certificate via AWS Certificate Manager, S3 bucket for static assets, and ECS repository for hosting Docker images.

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    Managed Kubernetes

    Gain speed and efficiency. Let Caktus deploy and manage your applications using Kubernetes clusters to package dependencies and configurations, check the health of individual resources, and enable disaster recovery. Scale your apps faster.

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    Create a predictable and reliable process by having an automated pipeline in place to enforce coding standards, run unit and integration tests, build and push Docker images, and deploy containers to your environments. Increase productivity with continuous integration, delivery, and deployments for staging/QA and production servers, including troubleshooting and management. Tools we use include CircleCI, TravisCI, Bitbucket Pipelines, GitHub Actions, and Jenkins.

  • Cloud AWS app

    Cloud Optimization and cloud migration

    Optimize costs and reliability when Caktus architects optimize cloud solutions for applications running on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, or Google Cloud. We also perform migrations of live production applications to one or more public clouds, between hosting providers, or cloud platforms. Application maintenance and scalability are simplified down the road when you use managed services, like Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL.

    Read a case study: Health System Leads the Charge in Cloud Data Migration.

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    Automated deployment

    Deploy your applications reliably and consistently. Caktus uses Ansible to configure your required services and push application artifacts, all from one common framework.

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