Our Process

Caktus solves complex technical problems with a transparent process. Our passion is bringing our clients’ ideas to life using the Django framework. We are an agile shop, delivering each key feature of a project in iterative sprints. Each deployment delivers a more fully-tested and documented product. We can help define, design and build your new project idea, or build out your already fully formed project plan.


Our project planning process translates the business needs of your project with clear requirements. We listen. We research. We collaborate with you, bringing in experts in user experience, design and development to deliver fully informed project requirements.


Our discovery process helps define how you will measure the success of your project. We guide you through a series of tasks to define users, site goals and content needs until we have full clarity on what you want your web project to accomplish, and who you want it to serve.

User Stories.

We’re great listeners and a user story is one of the first tools we use to map how users experience your web application. Focusing on the user perspective helps us ensure your application feels completely intuitive. Stories include functions, buttons, interactive features, and more while remaining easy to understand and read for non-developers. They also make it easy for developers and non-developers to collaborate, producing a far stronger result.


We prototype the basic page layouts, navigation and interactivity into a live clickable site. Prototypes are a direct translation of the UX process. They are a simple visualization -- with no color, logos or fonts -- of how a site will work when it is functioning. And they are built on a live, running server using fully responsive code so you can immediately see how your site will behave on different devices.

Development Planning.

We begin planning how to build a project from the very first sales call. A core team of developers is selected that can best deliver the project. We think through everything from the site’s hosting needs to determining what pre-existing tools can be repurposed versus created from scratch. Once every application feature is defined and you project’s requirements are as lean and efficient as they can be, every milestone is set with a clear timeline for completion. Where possible, the same team that helped plan your project also builds it, ensuring the ramp up to start is minimal and the goals are clear.



For any project or business it is important to have a cohesive brand identity. We work with you to define the visual vocabulary of your project. Multiple mood boards with a variety of fonts, colors and design elements are created to define the look and feel of your site. These mood boards form the building blocks needed to design your site and any other collateral you need to communicate your brand effectively.

Rapid Prototyping.

Caktus designs using responsive code, which gives you the ability to review each page as the end-user would see it - whether on a smart phone, tablet or wide monitor. We bring together the mood boards and prototypes to create visually stunning, full-page designs of your site. Because we utilize rapid prototyping techniques and methods to create a seamless architecture from the beginning of a project, the finished design moves to development quickly. There are no delays; we just start building.


Our developers love to solve complex problems and we apply the highest standards of quality control to every line of code we write. We pride ourselves on regular deployment, rigorous testing, documentation and transparency. As an agile development shop, we deploy code often, always delivering functioning code. From the start of the project, clients have access to our code and issue trackers. This workflow assures that only high-quality functioning code is ever pushed to production, and the client is always aware of our progress.


We stand by the quality of our code and, if needed, after we launch your finished product we can ensure your code stays bug free and your information is backed up and secure. We offer on-call services monitoring uptime, providing security and software updates, and regularly verifying the health of your servers. As your site grows, we can continue to monitor it and make sure that your server environment grows with it.

"Caktus demonstrated great flexibility in working with our growing and changing business needs and exhibited the best qualities of Agile development. They are great to work with and we hope to continue our business relationship well into the future."

- Ed Withers, Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC)