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July 18, 2011
by Colin Copeland

An alternative RapidSMS router implementation (with Celery!)

We've been using RapidSMS, a Django-powered SMS framework, more and more frequently here at Caktus. It's evolved a lot over the past year-- from being reworked to feel more like a Django app, to merging the rapidsms-core-dev and rapidsms-contrib-apps-dev repositories into a single codebase (no more submodules!), to ...

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December 29, 2010
by Tobias McNulty

HIV Results, Birth Reminders, and Clinic Communication in Malawi

I recently returned from a 6 week trip in Malawi, where I was heavily involved in the implementation and deployment of Project Mwana, an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) project focused on Maternal and Newborn Child Health (MNCH). The project is currently running as a pilot in both Zambia and ...

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