September 29, 2014
by Dan Poirier

Celery in Production

(Thanks to Mark Lavin for significant contributions to this post.)

In a previous post, we introduced using Celery to schedule tasks.

In this post, we address things you might need to consider when planning how to deploy Celery in production.

At Caktus, we've made use of Celery in a ...

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September 19, 2014
by David Ray

Improving Infant and Maternal Health in Rwanda and Zambia with RapidSMS

I have had the good fortune of working internationally on mobile health applications due to Caktus' focus on public health. Our public health work often uses RapidSMS, a free and open-source Django powered framework for dynamic data collection, logistics coordination and communication, leveraging basic short message service (SMS) mobile phone...

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September 17, 2014
by Colin Copeland

Q3 Charitable Giving

Our client social impact projects continue here at Caktus, with work presently being done in Libya, Nigeria, Syria, Turkey, Iraq and the US. But every quarter, we pause to consider the excellent nonprofits that our employees volunteer for and, new this quarter, that they have identified as having a substantive ...

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September 8, 2014
by Hao Nguyen

DjangoCon 2014: Recap

Caktus had a great time at DjangoCon in Portland this year! We met up with old friends and new. The following staff gave talks (we’ll update this post with videos as soon as they’re available):

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August 14, 2014
by Nicole Foster

DjangoCon Ticket Giveaway!

Update: Congratulations to @dmpayton for winning this giveaway!

Caktus is giving away a DjangoCon ticket valued at $850! DjangoCon is the main US Django conference and it’s returning to Portland this year, August 30 - September 4th. Meet fellow Django developers, learn what others are doing, and have a good ...

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