April 25, 2014
by Alex Lemann

Caleb and Rebecca at this Month’s Girl Develop It Intro to Python Class

One of Caktus’ most pedagogically focused developers, Caleb Smith, will be teaching a class to a group of local budding Pythonistas tomorrow, Saturday 26th, and Caktus’ Rebecca Lovewell will be contributing as a teaching assistant. You can read more about it, and sign up via the meetup page for the event. The class is run by the local chapter of Girl Develop It, a group focused on improving the landscape of women in tech via women focused (but not exclusive) educational opportunities.

This class is a labor of love for Caleb and Rebecca who contribute for fun and as a way to help out new coders. Caleb has developed his curriculum in the open using a GitHub repository with input from Rebecca, Nick Lang, and Leslie Ray. It’s great to see a distributed team collaborating using development tools to create curriculum that ultimately gets more women involved in technology through local classes.

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